Resom Silk Floral Jamdani Saree

Rs. 5,600
( Inclusive of all taxes )

Resom Silk Floral Jamdani Handloom Saree Which takes 20 days by master artisan to weave each saree.

Jamdani weaving is somewhat like tapestry work, where small shuttles of colored, gold or silver threads are passed through the weft. Designs range from the “butidar”, where the entire saree is scattered with floral sprays, to diagonally-striped floral sprays or the “tercha” and a network of floral motifs called “jhalar”. 

Today, however, price constraints have forced weavers to simplify their designs. The most remarkable part of this technique is that the pattern is not sketched or outlined on the fabric. Instead, it is drawn on a translucent graph paper and placed underneath the warp.

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