Founded by Suren Chowdhary and Tholi Sandhya in 2018, Inde’ Loom is a Maker-to-Market Fair Trade Startup with a mandate to improve the lives of the artisans from the rural hinterlands of India and help market sustainable , artisanal , traceable products globally.

The brand interlinks the India's rich heritage with modern-day elements of fashion, trends, colors, patterns creating slow fashion apparel - both ethnic and western which are handcrafted straight from the looms of artisans directly. No Machines, No Factories, No To Fast Fashion, No Overkill- The Real Fashion Revolution.

Inde' Loom (Diction) - Inde’ as in French for ‘India’ and ‘Loom’ for ‘an artisans tool to show their skill to the world’; the name revolves around showcasing what can be done by the Looms of India to the whole world while being Exclusive, Artisanal, Sustainable and made with natural fibers.